RokJok.FM Why Advertise w/ us?

Why Advertise w/ us?

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There are many reasons why someone would want to buy advertising on a growing local internet radio / video channel. Advertise Start Now!

Some of them are:

  • Internet broadcast provides better insight into the audience. You can target your ads based on geolocation, demographics, preferences, and behavior of the listeners.

  • Internet broadcast is more cost-effective than traditional radio. You can pay per impression or per click, rather than per spot. You can also measure the effectiveness of your ads more easily.

  • Internet broadcast is more engaging and interactive than traditional radio. You can use audio, video, or banner ads to capture the attention of the listeners. You can also invite them to visit your website, social media, or call to action.

  • Internet broadcast reaches a wider and more diverse audience than traditional radio. You can access listeners who are not served by local stations, or who prefer online streaming over terrestrial broadcasting. You can also reach listeners who use mobile devices, smart speakers, or in-car systems.

  • Every internet advertiser should become interested in sponsoring our local internet radio channel,

    We offer RokJok.FM,, ShowlistBCS, and other Custom upRiver.Studio Channels.

    Do your research on our station’s formats, audience(s), and rates. You should create a compelling and relevant ad that matches the tone and style of the station.

  • We will monitor and optimize your ad campaign based on the feedback and results you get.

  • We use Google Ads, Search, Bing, Yelp and our own network to promote sponsors and advertisers. Geotargeting – Localized/Pin Point Advertising.

  • Popular Social Media and Distribution Methods we employ for all our clients.
    Custom Targeting using Maps, Search, Geo, Banners, Audio / Video Promotions.

  • You can build a loyal and engaged audience. Local internet radio listeners are often more passionate and involved with the station and its content. They may also be more likely to trust and support the businesses that advertise on their favorite station.

  • You can reach a niche and targeted market. Local internet radio stations can cater to specific interests, tastes, and demographics that may not be well-served by mainstream media. You can tailor your ads to appeal to the listeners who are most likely to be interested in your products or services.

  • You can save money and measure results. Local internet radio advertising can be more affordable than other forms of media, especially if you negotiate a good deal with the station. You can also track the performance of your ads more easily, using tools like web analytics, coupon codes, or call tracking.

  • Of course, advertising on a growing local internet radio channels who utilize Influencers, Radio Hall of Fame & Seasoned, Connected Talent eliminates many of the risks and challenges, such as low reach, limited exposure, and technical issues. Our network promotes on Google / Bing / Yelp and many other Social Media and Monetization Platforms. To learn, more let us know.

  • You should weigh the pros and cons carefully before deciding to invest in this type of advertising. You should also do some research on the station’s format, audience, and rates, and create a compelling and relevant ad that matches the tone and style of the station.

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